What is Detailing ?

Our detailing or “enhancement” services have been described as the perfect link between science and art’. Through our skill in rectifying and removing paint defects such as swirl marks, holograms and scratches we are able to transform old paint or enhance new paintwork too far beyond the manufacturers capabilities.

Do brand new cars need to be detailed ?

No, however even premium manufacturers have limits to the time they spend finishing a vehicles paintwork therefore factory paintwork can consist of swirls and holograms. We can take the manufacturers finish to the next level and beyond, the improvement that is possible even on a brand new car is phenomenal.

How long will it take to Detail my car ?

Depending on the the level of enhancement you wish to achieve the timescale will usually range from 3 hours to 3 days, however some special projects and intricate cars can take longer.

How long will the protection last and will I need follow up treatment ?

Once detailed a lot depends on the maintenance of the vehicle, if maintained correctly the results can last 12 months or more, depending on the use of the car. Most clients have their cars detailed once a year and many have us carry out regular maintenance treatments in between to ensure the longevity of the finish.

What is a ceramic coating ?

Ceramic coating harnesses the power of advanced nanotechnology. Each silica (quartz) atom has multiple fluorocarbon molecular bonds, which create a high-density 3D structural coating matrix. Once bonded to the surface of your paint, the ceramic coating not only protects the gloss and depth created by your professional installer, it actually enhances it! Once cured, the coating forms a dense, durable coating that protects the paint and retains a high gloss for years to come!

What products do you use ?

We are independent and as such choose our products based on rigorous testing and comparison. We use a mixture of the leading products in the Industry, each to suit their individual purpose.

Will detailing affect my manufacturers warranty ?

No, it will not affect the manufacturers warranty of your cars paintwork, in fact correct care is an important part of maintaining your vehicles finish throughout the warranty period and beyond.